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Yachting is our greatest passion.

We perform services in the premium quality


We are the leading polish organizer of sailing camps, yachting courses on Mazuria’s lakes


Almost one thousand clients satisfied with the holidays with us every year is a guarantee, safety and full satisfaction. Our best achievement is a big group of regular customers who have spent a part of their holidays with us for many years. They appreciate the climate of our races, well-matched crews, special atmosphere, great skippers and still extended fleet of modern, comfortable yachts.


We put a great emphasis on the sailing culture and environmental protection.


In tseason 2015 we offer a lot of different types of races: for people who plan to start their adventure with sailing, recreational races for individuals and the whole families, summer races for schoolchildren and students and also training races to get powers of sailing.


We invite you to sail with us on Mazuria’s lakes; The Gulf of Gdansk; and also to Croatia and other hot European seas.


FIRST MINUTE PROMOTION : One week race on Mazuria’s lakes from 199 euro

( 20 different dates in 2015)


We hope to meet you somewhere on our sailing trips


The team of Szekla