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A yacht cruise, even on a quiet and peaceful reservoir like Masuria, motivates the participants to work together as a team - teaches them the ability to reach a compromise, quick decision making and diligence in their work - and that’s what you expect of your employees!


  • number of people: 150
  • Deadline: any
  • Place: Masuria, Gulf of Gdansk, Croatia


When sailing, all “land-related” problems seem minuscule and one can look at them from a distance, finding new, unconventional solutions to them. A cruise on open sea lets you charge your psychological and emotional “batteries” because it’s an amazing experience, allowing you to disconnect for a brief moment from everyday life. Everyone knows, that the sole goal of a motivation trip is to change the view on the tasks waiting for us at the workplace, and the creation of new business ideas.


The cruise requires the participants to live together in a relatively small environment, which is the yacht. Such cruise requires the participants to switch their thinking paradigm from “me” to “us” and carefully distribute the daily chores among themselves. The discipline and daily regime required by the yacht’s space limitations are an excellent school of character.


Sailing is also active leisure - exploring wild, hard to reach areas, cities filled with history, getting to know the local culture. Sun, water and not needing to rush anywhere is the best kind of relaxation. A way to acknowledge loyal customers is the free atmosphere onboard, which allows the participants to get to know new things and open their minds for new challenges.


We know what we are offering, because we have been organising similar events of different sizes for many years. We organise many school trips and company bonding events throughout the year - we know how to bond a group.


bonding, motivation, loyalty


Our cruise covers the entire trail of the Great Masurian Lakes. We have over 10 years of experience organising sailing events


the route

depending on the number of participants, and your particular needs we will supply you with the  the best variant including


- hotel accomodation,

- conference room

- catering

- additional events

- concerts and trips to the best sailors’ taverns

- theme parties


We can organise sailing cruises for up to 150 people.


  • Tango 780 sport 20 pieces
  • Antila 26 and 24 - 25 pieces
  • Viva 700
  • Omega - 55 pieces

Depending on your particular needs, we can provide you with the most luxurious deluxe yachts


our experience:


- experienced and professional sailing crew

- extensive knowledge of the Great Masurian Lakes

- we provide you with transportation and logistics services

- full safety in cooperation with Polish Volunteer Maritime Rescue Service (WOPR)

- dozens of events for corporations (references on demand)