Summer Sailing Camp MASURIA LAKE 12 - 15 years of age.


Summer Sailing Camp - 12 - 15 years of age.

Take part in our sailing adventure along the Great Masurian Lakes trail. During the seven day cruise we will visit the most interesting ports, show you some of the greatest taverns, and the most beautiful wild, uninhabited places to moor the boat.

Because of the age of our participants, we put a lot of stress on safety measures during the actual sailing and when on land. Our workers are partners with the participants, we spend time together, teach them to help each other out, work in a team. We also teach the participants to take care of their surroundings and preserve the natural beauty of Masuria region.

Over ten years of experience in organising summer sailing camps and inland skipper training cruises for adults, teens and children shows that we can combine fun and learning in a professional way.



12-15 years of age


We start and end our cruise in Giżycko. During the fifteen days we will visit the most important towns, cities and lakes on the Great Masurian Lakes sailing trail. The actual route is dependant on the weather conditions, but the amount of time we spend on water is sufficient to explore the region.


Giżycko, Mikołajki, Węgorzewo, Sztynort, Ruciane - Nida

Lakes: Śniardwy, Niegocin, Dargin, Łabap, Dobskie, Mamry, Jagodne, Tałty, Mikołajskie, Seksty, Bełdany.


Our summer camp is “wandering “ - the participants will not (as it is often on summer camps) be in one place the whole time. We moor our boats in different places every day, which gives the participants the chance to fully explore and immerse themselves in the Masuria region. Sometimes these are wild, hard to reach places where we sing sea shanties by the campfire, other times these are the biggest cities where we play volleyball, football and explore nearby relics.

During the cruise every participant has the chance to learn the sailing technique, taking an active part in sailing.

For the keen to learn, we organise lectures about advanced sailing technique and theory, safety, meteorology and first aid techniques. We have over 10 years of experience in organising school excursions and company events for big companies - we know how to work in a group.



We focus on

-sailing culture

-preservation of the natural environment

-respect for other sailors

-good manners


Price includes:

- a professionally organised and very interesting cruise

- accomodation on modern, safe and comfortable cabin yachts (Sasanka 660, Tango 780, Twister, Corvetta)

- 24/7 care of experienced skippers, sailing instructors, marine rescuers

- full board

- accident insurance

- great fun - campfires, bonding events, teambuilding excercises


Price does not include

- the cost of travel to Giżycko

- additional costs of WC’s and showers in ports


Additional information:

What is different about this cruise:

- Everyone can be sure that he will be surrounded by peers of equal or similar age.

- we sail on modern, safe and comfortable cabin yachts (Sasanka 660, Tango 780, Twister, Corvetta)

- we sail through the entire Great Masurian Lakes Trail and visit every interesting port and wild place to moor

- our employees are experienced skippers

- the chief skipper has a mobile phone (convenient for parents and participants)

- experienced employees who know how to work with children and teenagers create a friendly atmosphere

- our participants are not anonymous - we have time for each and every one of them and approach everyone individually



departure  - Sunday

Return   - Saturday
































* we provide the care of a guardian only if there are at least 5 participants from the same city.


Dates and prices

Special offers: -5%


  • for groups of over 2 people
  • for people who have been on our cruises before




OZD 10/15 cruise sailing date 28.06.15 – 11.07.15 - price 599 euro - book

OZD 11/15 cruise sailing date 05.07.15 – 18.07.15 - price 589 euro - book

OZD 12/15 cruise sailing date 12.07.15 – 25.07.15 - price 589 euro - book

OZD 13/15 cruise sailing date 19.07.15 – 01.08.15 - price 589 euro - book

Nowa strona (21) - book

OZD 14/15 cruise sailing date 26.07.15 – 08.08.15 - price 589 euro - book

OZD 15/15 cruise sailing date 02.08.15 – 15.08.15 - price 589 euro - book

OZD 16/15 cruise sailing date 09.08.15 – 22.08.15 - price 589 euro - book

OZD 17/15 cruise sailing date 16.08.15 – 29.08.15 - price 589 euro - book