what to take on a cruise


what to take on a cruise


Remember, you are not going on a typical vacation to a hotel, where you have a whole wardrobe at your disposal and you can take as many things as you like. On every yacht, there is a 5-8 person crew and everyone (and their belongings) must fit in. So don’t take too much things, and don’t even think about packing it into an external frame backpack or a stiff suitcase. Best choices are sailor sacks, soft backpacks and sport bags.


What to take with you on the cruise:


Absolute necessities:

·         sleeping bag

·         raincoat

·         warm sweater or polarfleece jacket

·         two pairs of shoes with flexible rubber soles

·         tracksuit

·         trousers

·         warm hoodie or flanel shirt

·         woolen cap

·         clothes for warm weather - shorts, tank-tops

·         baseball cap or bandana

·         toiletries, UV filter cremes, towels

·         sunglasses

·         flashlight, fresh batteries

·         a guitar, if you can play one




·         student ID card

·         national ID card

·         health insurance documents

·         inland skipper certificate (if you have one)

·         health certificate (children and teens below 18)

·         parents’ agreement (children and teens below 18)




If you are suffering from a condition that requires you to take some kind of medicine regularly, don’t forget to take it with you and inform the cruise commander.


Every sailboat has its own first aid kit - take only the medicine you need.



Participants of the training cruise for the Inland Skipper Certificate must also have


- two ID photos


Documents to download:


Health certificate

Parents’ confirmation

application for the Inland Skipper Certificate

confirmation of finishing the exam