safety and professionalism

safety and professionalism



●     NNW insurance for all participants

●     references from previous participants - large companies and institutions

●     we cooperate with the biggest and best hotels and travel agencies


Safety rules


During the cruise we take extreme care about the safety measures. Every boat is equipped with

lifejackets and other safety equipment, the skippers are in constant contact with the cruise commander, all of the participants are taught how to use the basic rescue knots. In case of sudden bad weather, all boats are momentarily sent to nearest shore or port. Everyday before leaving the ships, the skippers consult each other about the weather conditions and possible dangers along the trail. We swim only under direct supervision of an experienced rescuer





●     the yachts we sail on during our cruises have all the necessary safety certificates and safety equipment. On every one of our yachts there is a full crockery set, a safe gas bottle and electric lighting. We sail on Tango 780, Sasanka 660 and Sasanka 620 yachts. Every yacht is thoroughly checked for any safety or comfort flaws . None of our yachts is older than 4 years old

●     The climbing and rappeling equipment we use during our additional events has all the required safety certificates CE and UIAA. it is being used only under direct supervision of trained professionals certified by the Polish Mountaineering Association

●     the aerial equipmend used during additional events has safety certificates , the pilots and instructors all have necessary licences

●     flashlights, compasses, tents, kayaks, climbing walls and any other equipment is of the best quality and is being regularly  checked to ensure absolute safety and satisfaction



Our crew


●     our crew consists of proffesionals of over 50 different fields. All of them are highly skilled instructors, trainers and rescuers. Beside being highly skilled in their fields, all of our crew are experienced in working with the youth




●     during the organisation process of our events we cooperate with our partners: hotels, Personal consulting companies, psychologists, Maritime rescue teams , mountain rescue teams, knight fraternities, actors, musicians, art agencies, travel agencies, special rescue teams, the Polish Red Cross, medical rescue teams, the army and special services, sport physicians, trainers and instructors, and many friends who are eager to participate in upcoming exciting projects.