Company Regattas


Company Regattas


·         on Masurian Lakes

·         on Gdańsk Bay

·         on Zegrze Reservoir

·         on Adriatic Sea (Croatia)



We organise company regattas for company emplyees up to 150 people on the Masurian Lakes Reservoir. We have years of experience, extensive knowledge of the reservoir, necessary equipment and experienced skippers.


We cooperate with


·         Polish Sailing Association

·         dozens of charter companies in the Masuria region

·         Polish Volunteer Maritime Rescue Service (WOPR)

·         Regatta Juries

·         Hotels and catering companies for additional services


We provide you with:


·         sports or tourism yachts of the same class

·         skippers, sailing instructors

·         constant care of Polish Volunteer Maritime Rescue Service

·         Regatta Jury

·         logistics

·         cups and certificates

·         additional events

·         additional services

·         accomodation

·         full board

·         public relations, advertisements, gadgets